What began as a simple request made by a local youth group, has now blossomed into a tool of ministry that the Rev. Steve Petty, former Methodist pastor, never imagined could happen with just a few pennies.

Steve Holding the 1 millionth penny punched in 2005

Steve Holding the 1 millionth penny punched in 2005

You may have seen them lying around or given to you by complete strangers. Either way, these cross pennies have been used all over the world by missionaries and witnessers alike to spread the Word of Christ! The penny is the least of our coins in America and to many people, it is almost worthless. Though some find it hard to believe that something with such a small monetary value can mean so much just by stamping a cross into it, we as Christians find endless worth because through the witnessing that has resulted from it, lives have been added into the kingdom of GOD!

Let’s keep spreading word that “It just makes cents to follow Jesus!”

We are still trying to catch up on penny orders. Currently we are running at 6-7 months behind. Visit the "Get Pennies" page for more info.